Author Biography

    Kevin Blackwood was born and raised in Maine. After bouncing around a few colleges, he finally escaped with a Masters in 1981. Kevin promptly followed the example set by many other gifted graduates by tossing his diploma into a box in the attic and working in fields totally unrelated to his studies.

    The author soon discovered easy money in blackjack (along with free food) and worked his way up the ladder, becoming one of the world's best card counters. However, the casino industry failed to share his exuberance and they repeatedly showed him the door before he could break their banks or clean out their buffets.

    His two books attempt to capture some of the flavor of one of the most unusual jobs on the planet and translate those experiences into print. Kevin Blackwood now resides in Oregon with a very long-suffering wife, two sons, and an adoring cat. He is an avid backgammon and scrabble player and welcomes any comments or input you have after reading either of his two books.

    The author also recently played in the World Series of Blackjack.

    The author can be reached by emailing


    The Counter is a truly authentic, 308-page gambling novel, written by someone who spent years in the trenches. This book offers a rare glimpse into the intriguing life of a professional card counter, certainly one of the worldís most unusual occupations.

    The protagonist, Raven Townsend, decides heís too good for Maine and shuns his poor New England upbringing. His grandiose plans of becoming a famous Biblical archaeologist suddenly get shelved when he takes a detour into the world of high stakes blackjack. His exceptional mathematical gifts, phenomenal memory, and incredible determination enable him to succeed where most failóbut at the expense of his girlfriend and original dreams.

    Ravenís quest to win a million dollars in blackjack becomes the driving force in his life. However, a sharp-eyed casino surveillance expert stands in the way of Ravenís goal, producing a dramatic, page-turning finish in casinos from Reno to the Caribbean.

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